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Industrielle Tanks in Abenddämmerung

Inside and out.
Specialists in the field of industrial tank coating

One of XERVON Oberflächentechnik’s areas of expertise is coating the inside and outside of industrial tanks. We deliver our tank coating services during new-build projects as well as part of tank inspection and renovation work. A complex area – as not only is the exterior of industrial tanks affected by weather conditions and the environment, the tank interior is also often impacted by the stored materials.

There’s no getting round tank protection

Goods such as acids, caustic solutions and aggressive chemicals can damage the inside of a tank within no time at all. What’s more, there is the added risk that rust particles or deposits find their way into the stored product, reducing its ability to fulfil its purpose. With this in mind, professional tank protection is not only essential for ensuring operations run efficiently and cost-effectively, it also instrumental in securing the quality of the manufactured products.

The longer a tank can fulfil its purpose exactly as it should, the more cost-effective it is to operate


Applications for complex requirements

XERVON Oberflächentechnik’s tank coatings ensure that your tank farms have the long-term protection they need. Making the most of our years of experience and our specialist expertise, we apply coatings to industrial tanks that are ideal for their particular area of use and meet all statutory and/or insurance requirements. Specific know-how and skills are needed to employ the processes and systems we use – such as the RPR system for contaminated surfaces or the two-component, hot spray coating technology for surfaces requiring the highest level of protection.

Do you operate liquid gas tanks or other types of facilities in which highly inflammable substances are stored? Find out more about our fire retardant coatings

The whole package – all the way through to the final finish

We pursue a holistic approach when it comes to tank coating work. This means that we not only focus on the surfaces of the actual tank itself but also look at protecting the surface of any tank bunds, pipes and additional structures such as work platforms surrounding the tank. This also includes the final decorative finish and, if you wish, painting a large-scale logo on the side of your tank.

What is important when renovation work needs to be carried out is that the tank can be used again as quickly as possible. With such a large team of operatives and extensive stockpile of equipment, we complete projects quickly – also during turnarounds

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