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Autobahnbrücke Kreuz Beton Ansicht von unten

Bridge renovation.
An area in which we have wide-ranging experience

Bridges can be real masterpieces and excellent examples of the art of engineering. They must, however, also take a lot of punishment. They have to cope with varying weather conditions, withstand exhaust fumes and road salt, carry heavy loads and put up with the mechanical stresses and strains of rolling traffic. They can quickly suffer damage – both visible and hidden – which, in turn, can affect their structural stability. Our bridge refurbishment services enhance a bridge’s stability – helping, too, to make roads safer. 

Concrete repair and corrosion control

The majority of the bridges in Germany are built with reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, steel or composite steel. Thanks to our wide range of services, we are able to work on all these types of structures – no matter whether they are made of concrete or steel. Our bridge refurbishment portfolio primarily centres on concrete repair and corrosion control. XERVON Oberflächentechnik draws up a bespoke maintenance concept for each project that is efficient, cost effective and ensures all work is delivered to the highest standard.

High capacities guarantees rapid project completion

Road and railway networks provide an essential public service and must be kept in operation with as few interruptions as possible. XERVON Oberflächentechnik has the personnel needed to refurbish bridges quickly and professionally. Our pool of machines and equipment has also been set up to cope with large-scale projects – guaranteeing some significant time savings and helping to reduce traffic congestion and tailbacks.

Strict adherence to all rules and regulations

There are good reasons why the transport sector is subject to a large number of standards and regulations. Being an experienced bridge refurbishment specialist, we guarantee that we will adhere to all rules, regulations and guidelines. From the ZTV-ING (Additional technical regulations and guidelines for civil engineering structures) and ZTV-RHD-St (Additional technical regulations and guidelines for the production of thin, resin-bonded coatings on steel), to the RiLi SIB guidelines on protecting and repairing concrete building materials, all the way through to the DIN EN ISO 12944 on the “corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems”.

We apply all surface protection systems in accordance with the ZTV-ING and RiLi-SIB

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