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Oberflächenbeschichtung Coating in Strahlhalle gelbe Farbe

Surface coating.
Complex coatings – each with their own individual properties

High performance coatings are complex systems. They require expertise, know-how and experience. Being an expert in this field, XERVON Oberflächentechnik is well known for the high quality of its work – applying coatings that deliver a longer service life and robust protection against erosion, corrosion and wear and tear. It makes no difference here whether the coat is being applied to a brand new structure or as part of a maintenance project.

Perfectly adapted to each situation

XERVON Oberflächentechnik applies coatings to a whole range of objects – including buildings, structures, facilities and plant parts, to name just a few. And the conditions that the different coatings must fulfil are just as varied. We always, therefore, draw up a bespoke coating concept for each individual case that takes numerous factors into account and meets the exact requirements. Such factors include the amount and type of work the structure is expected to perform as well as the location, operating life, possible DIN standards and any special functions.

Surface coating in all its facets

XERVON Oberflächentechnik is well known for its extensive expertise, high quality materials and wide range of equipment. We offer all standard kinds of coating technology as well as a number of other processes as well. These include airless spraying, low pressure spraying and compressed air spraying as well as ceramic coatings, EPS coatings, two-component hot spray coatings and manual application. We are specialists in both single-layer and multilayer systems. What’s more, XERVON Oberflächentechnik has the full range of binding agents required for it to do its work.

We deploy our surface protection systems on site at our customers’ or in one of our modern blasting and coating facilities


Specialty coatings for special requirements

Special solutions are often required in this field of business – for example, when a coating needs to be applied to a structure that is permanently under water, exposed to aggressive chemicals or under great mechanical stress. Our specialty coatings provide long-lasting protection for these particularly tricky cases. These complex coating systems have a number of distinctive properties and can often perform special functions as well.

By applying a high performance coating, we can enhance the properties of a surface and, for example, ensure that less dirt or scaling adheres to it in the future

Fire retardant coatings

Application of a wide range of fire retardant coatings that cover, for example, the fire ratings R30, R60, R90, HC90 all the way through to the fire resistance category F180. Further information about our fire retardant coatings can be found here

‘WHG’ compliant coatings

Coatings that meet the requirements of Germany’s Federal Water Act (WHG) – a law that applies to plants and facilities that produce, process, store, tranship, transport or convey hazardous substances that may be harmful to water.

Decontamination coatings

Coatings that provide protection against radiation and are used, for example, in the medical sector and nuclear plants.

Plastocor® – a unique high-tech application

One of XERVON Oberflächentechnik’s particular strengths is the coating work it performs using the Plastocor® process. The 2-component, epoxy resin Plastocor® stands out from other materials as it is extremely durable and offers long-lasting protection against both erosion and corrosion. We offer all versions of this coating system – as a water-resistant protective coating, as a thick-film coating and for inlets.

Find out more about Plastocor®

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