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Surface preparation.
Perfect surface protection starts with a perfect base

Coating systems can only come up trumps if they are applied to the right surface. The first step, therefore, to achieving a long-lasting and high performance coating is always to prepare the surface correctly. No matter whether it involves metal or concrete: we prepare the surface using a whole range of processes and techniques so that the coatings can do a top quality job long into the future.

Professional surface preparation work is not just about removing deposits and dirt. It also involves achieving the right grade of surface roughness so that the coating adheres to it properly

Manual, chemical and mechanical surface preparation

Some surfaces need a more gentle approach. Others have to be tackled using more forceful means. We take a detailed look at the surface that is to be treated and select the most suitable process from our extensive portfolio. XERVON Oberflächentechnik is able to deliver every possible solution – from manually preparing the surface with or without the help of machinery, to alkaline cleaning or induction heating work using RPR technology, all the way through to blasting work.

Blasting technology and blasting media for all requirements

Blasting is the most efficient and most cost-effective way to prepare surfaces. XERVON Oberflächentechnik covers all the different facets of this mechanical treatment method – both when it comes to the blasting technology and the blasting media. Making the very most of our years of experience and our in-depth expertise, we adapt the technology and media we use to meet the precise requirements of the project on hand and achieve the exact surface quality needed.

We deploy a variety of technologies including:

  • High and ultra-high pressure water jetting (500 to 2,500 bar), manual and automated
  • Dry, damp and wet blasting using solid blasting media, including corundum, steel shot, metal slag, glass pearl, nut shells and garnet
  • Sponge jet blasting, a dry process generating minimum dust
  • Shot blasting

We either perform our blasting work on site at our customers’ or in the blasting cubicles at our blasting and coating facilities

Conforming to standards – right down to the smallest detail

Depending on the situation, our surface preparation work may be regulated by mandatory guidelines that determine the classification and the grade of the results that must be achieved. DIN EN ISO 12944 is one such standard and focuses on the use of coating systems to protect steelwork against corrosion. When you work with XERVON, you can rest assured that these regulations are met at all times. What’s more, we also take a very close look at any possible weak spots – as long-lasting protection is only possible when the more susceptible areas (such as edges, welding joints and screw connections) are treated professionally as well as the large surface areas.

XERVON Oberflächentechnik also removes old coatings contaminated with hazardous substances – a task governed by very strict regulations

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