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Innenbeschichtung Behälter gegen Korrosion

Corrosion protection.
Preserving assets – plus a few extra advantages

XERVON Oberflächenflächentechnik always delivers top quality results when it applies corrosion protection coatings to industrial objects – whether they be steel structures, machines, plant parts, vessels or tanks to name just a few. We are able to do this because we not only have extensive expertise in this field, we also know the exact requirements of the different industrial sectors. As a result, we have become a sought-after partner for businesses operating in the chemical, petrochemical and steel industries as well as in the energy and construction sectors.

Advantages that are well worth their while

Surface coatings are the most effective way to prevent corrosion. Our wide and diverse range of corrosion control solutions extends the service life of plant parts and structures, plays a major role in ensuring the plant operates smoothly, prevents unexpected downtime and reduces maintenance costs. What’s more, these coating systems enhance the performance of the plant part/structure, leading to cost-effective operations and optimised product quality. Advantages that are of great importance for all industries – and are most effectual when the coating applied meets the exact requirements.

Corrosion protection – for every environment no matter how extreme

XERVON Oberflächentechnik can apply coatings in every environment no matter how extreme the conditions may be. This means, therefore, that we also treat objects that are permanently submerged under water, are exposed to other aggressive atmospheres – from moisture all the way through to chemicals – or are under great mechanical stress. We fulfil the standards stipulated in DIN EN ISO 12944 on the “corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems” and cover all categories up to Category Sa 3, i.e. we apply coating systems that meet the highest corrosion protection category.

Plastocor® – one specialty coating, many possibilities

XERVON Oberflächentechnik is the only company in Germany to offer Plastocor® coatings as well as all related services – including blasting and treatment work. The Plastocor® system works with an extremely durable, 2-component epoxy resin and is highly effective even under extreme conditions. This innovative coating system is typically used to provide long-lasting protection against all types of damage caused by cooling water, process water, oil and compressed air. We deploy three versions of Plastocor® to protect industrial structures against corrosion, namely as

a protective coating

for water boxes in condensers and other heat exchangers

a thick-film coating

for repairing surfaces that are already corroded, such as tube sheets


as a cost-effective way to extend the operating life of tube inlets and outlets

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