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Concrete repair.
Rejuvenating one of the most used building materials

Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials and can be found in a very wide range of structures. This means, of course, that concrete repair work is just as diverse. Industrial buildings require a different solution to bridges and car parks need a different system to cooling towers and dam walls. No matter how dissimilar the requirements may be – XERVON Oberflächentechnik is the company to turn to for each and every task.

Preserving functionality and value

Our concrete renovation work is always a combination of the most suitable surface preparation work and the ideal coating system – both of which are selected to meet the particular framework conditions. The result is an all-round solution that plays a major role in preserving the functionality of the structure and extending its service life. Being a specialist provider in this field, we carry out all the individual tasks required for this work. This means, for example, that XERVON Oberflächentechnik replaces any damaged material and ensures that all connections and exterior surfaces are properly sealed.

We use dry mortar and wet mortar sprayers to restore concrete surfaces and give them the perfect appearance


Floor coatings with some added benefits

Concrete floors often have to withstand high levels of stress and strain and, in many cases, they must have special properties. Taking all possible guidelines, rules and regulations into account, we apply coating systems that have been specifically designed for areas that are subject to such stringent requirements. These include, for example, floor coatings regulated by the Federal Water Act (WHG), decontamination coatings, electrostatic conductive floor coatings and surface protective systems in acc. with ZTV-ING (Additional technical regulations and guidelines for civil engineering structures) and RiLi-SIB (DAfStb guidelines on protecting and repairing concrete building materials).

Services all the way through the final decorative finish

It is always our goal to offer a full and comprehensive service. Which is why, when carrying out concrete repair projects, XERVON Oberflächentechnik can also perform a wide range of auxiliary tasks – all the way through to applying the final decorative finish to the renovated and newly coated building or structure. You decide if and how many of these additional services you would like us to deliver. We can, for example, add floor and wall markings to guide traffic through a car park or paint your logo on the side of one of your industrial plants.

A whole range of services from just one company: we collaborate with our sister companies so we can offer related tasks such as scaffolding and industrial cleaning

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