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Flugzeug fliegt in den Sonnenuntergang

Concrete repair at Munich Airport

Ready for take off!

Services delivering that special touch must look beyond the fundamentals. All the different facets of a project must fit in perfectly with each other if the whole picture is to become more than simply the sum of its parts. One example from Munich.

Everyone knows that feeling: when you set off on holiday, you want everything to run smoothly. You want to get to see some interesting things and enjoy yourself – simply have some ‘me time’. In other words, a really good time that, in the best-case scenario, could start the moment you reach the airport. This is precisely what passengers flying from Munich can have as its Erdinger Moos airport has all the amenities needed to give them a great time.

Relaxing in the beer garden with a drink or watching your kids let off steam in the play area? That’s possible. Clean your shoes, have a massage or a quick haircut before your business meeting? That’s possible, too. Indeed, this Bavarian airport has the infrastructure and amenities of a small town alongside its airline operations. Around 60 restaurants, bars and cafés for example. As well as hotel rooms and meeting rooms, a park, wellness areas, a changing programme of events and much, much more. And let’s not forget the large number of shops, many of them sporting global brands.

5 stars

Munich Airport’s wide offering has pushed it to the top of the rankings. It is the only airport in Europe to have been awarded five stars. A recognition that pays tribute to both the airport’s high levels of service and comfort as well as its atmosphere.

XERVON Oberflächentechnik has been working for the airport for around ten years now acting as its contractual partner for all concrete repair and painting work. It delivers its services to all areas of the airport and can often be found in some of its busiest sections. After all, the airport has around 48 million passengers travelling through it every year as well as a whole number of day trippers.    

Clear markings make parking easier

With the airport wishing to give its visitors a great all-round experience, it not only focuses on its main buildings but on its auxiliary facilities as well – such as its car parks. These should be bright, friendly and welcoming and have the markings needed to enable passengers and airport visitors to get around easily. Top priority here is to offer a five-star experience as well – no matter whether the people using the car parks are going on a business trip, a family holiday or just wish to spend a couple of hours at one of the best airports in the world.

The project

As part of its general overhaul of the P1 car park close to the terminal, XERVON Oberflächentechnik repaired and renovated 14,000m² of ceilings and walls and 8,000m² of floor space. As in all car parks, the soiling caused by dust and exhaust fumes is always a particular challenge. The ceilings and walls were first cleaned using high pressure water jets, and then primed before being sprayed twice using airless technology. Markings were painted on almost one quarter of the floor space – both small traffic islands for the vehicles and walkways for the pedestrians – and then finished off with a matt sealer. Besides optimising the traffic management system, this project also included carrying out many detailed tasks such as cleaning the cable trays and installing safety devices around the fire sprinklers, fire alarm systems and loud speakers. 

Concrete repair

We perform repair work on all types of concrete structures. Our teams can be found restoring cooling towers as well as car parks, industrial buildings and dam walls.

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